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  Kim Glenn

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Customer Service


We designed CertCertain with one mission foremost in mind. To get your personnel certified and help you meet your 8570.1M training requirements. Information assurance is serious business and anyone sitting the exams can tell you they are grueling. We have developed a system that produces some of the best results in the industry backed by the best guarantee in the business. Students are immersed from the first hour of the class in the most up-to-date class of it's kind. Key lessons are delivered and mastery is instantly assessed. Knowledge gaps are identified on an individual basis and the instructor works with the students until those gaps in knowledge are eliminated.

Critical to our success is our mobile and virtual classrooms. Everything needed to pass the exams is in front of your personnel. The classroom and setup is under our complete control. This eliminates the typical problems we've encountered when classes are held on the base themselves. No issues scheduling a classroom on base, no fighting base policies and firewalls, Software and tools that need to be mastered can be loaded without violating any policies the base may have. Outside distractions are kept to a minimum and students are allowed to focus on the task at hand.

It's an extremely effective method and no one in the industry has delivered better, more consistent results than we have.

That's why we back it with the best guarantee in the business. They come back to you certified or there is no cost. We feel if we don't do everything we promised we don't deserve your money. Now, don't you wish all your vendors did business the same way?