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  Kim Glenn

  941 730 6294

Customer Service

  1. The following form is required in order for us to register you for the class you will be attending. Once your seat in the class has been paid for you will recieve an email with instructions on how to attend the class based on the method you will be attending.  If you are attending via Webex be sure and test your ability to join the class from the same computer and network you will be attending the class from. You can test your equipment at the following URL
  2. Be sure and have a compostion book and pen or pencil (and Backups!) ready prior to the class starting if you will be joining Webex or watching the Recorded Class. The class is primarly lecture so taking good notes is ESSENTIAL in passing the class.
  3. A headset will be usefull if you are in an enviornment where distractions are likely. 
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