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  Kim Glenn

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Customer Service

Classes are scheduled on an as needed basis.

Our classroom size is limited to 25 students on average. One reason we have been so successful is we offer significant discounts for classes larger than 10 students. We consider the class size as a whole, not who is paying or responsible for the student. So even if you only have one student in the class you can still share in the same low group price.

The easiest way

 to drive the cost of the class down is to raise the number of students in the class. We went to Ft. Belvoir and the original request was for 3 students. An email was sent out base-wide offering the class and we end up with over 80 people signing up over 4 weeks and everyone paid the same low cost based on the number attendees. We were able to drive the cost down over 250.00 dollars per student. And yes... everyone of them got certified.

Scheduling Conflicts? We are extremely sensitive to your scheduling needs. It's not uncommon to have a class run 2 weeks for half days. Students can attend either the morning or afternoon session. We understand that it can be difficult at best to have key personnel attend a class all day for 5 straight days, after all someone has to watch the shop.
Can't get everyone in one place at the same time?

Our live virtual classroom is the perfect solution. Students attend the same virtual classroom as the students physically attending the class. Same tools, same study guides and same great results. All that is needed is a computer with a working sound card and a broadband internet connection . We supply everything else. Many of the students that have attended one of or classes this way actually request that all the future training be delievered this way!