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Customer Service

Here's what some of the over 400 certified students have to say

"Joe:  you probably heard that all 26 of us in net+ passed the certificate test.  The methods you use to prepare us for the class were extremely helpful to me, I knew i could not survive the exam without all the practice. Now i enjoyed the class very much, the OSI model was taught and explain very well, i wish this lesson can extend the class one week longer to absorb more details.

 Again thanks for the help. " Gen Hsu, Net+

I have been in IT for over 17 years. During that time I have attended numorus training classes. I knew this one was going to be different in the first 5 minutes of class when the instructor (Joe Dean) held up his cell phone in front of the class and said " Do you know what this is? This is a 24 hour hotline for this class. When It rings I answer it. I don't care what time it is, if you need help I am here for you." He has an amazing technical knowledge and obvious real world experience in large enviornments and yet he's very approachable and makes everyone feel so comfortable. I work with most of the people in the class and I was fairly certain that due to lack of experience most of the class wasn't going to pass the exam but by Wedensday I couldn't believe what a difference he had made. He was diffently on a mission and drove us like dogs, continually pushing us when we didn't think we could go any futher. His constant quizing and rewording had the information we needed drilled into our minds. All in all the most enjoyable, eye-opening, never laughed so hard so many times in a technical class I have ever attended. Most highly recommended.

Chris Robert
IASO Netpoint Inc.

Joe was able to keep control of class, stay on track,explain subject and give examples that were clear and easy to understand.
I highly recommend this training and company to anyone.   Those that have doubts in passing this exam will have that eliminated from their mind.  Worth the time and effort, no one will be disappointed.

Leanne Jarosse
SRG Inc.
Proctor/Hardware Tech/FSA

Mr. Dean was and is very conscientious about how he gets difficult points across to the student.
Mr. Dean's professional and technical expertise far surpasses those of other classes I have attended.  Well done "Joe" and Thank you.
Thomas S. Fuentes
Computer Tech

Mr. Dean did an outstanding job of ensuring I (and the rest of the class) understood the material that was presented.  His training methodology was straight-on for the class.  He went above and well beyond what is required of an instructor.
The course was well worth the effort.   Anyone regardless of experience would benefit from this course, if their instructor was of the same caliber of Mr. Dean.
Steve Rosalez
Computer Tech

"Lorraine,  I know I had a chance to talk with you last week when you visited the Network + Class.  I went yesterday afternoon and took the Exam and made 810 out of 900, with 554 being the required passing score.   I want to express how much I enjoyed the class that Ronda setup and Joe Dean taught.  Networking is not what I do - I have as you know always been a desktop person.  The format of the class and how it was implemented was great.  I learned so much and felt comfortable - which for me test taking is a very anxiety provoking thing. I appreciate the opportunity of taking the class and am excited about future classes with Mr. Dean. Ronda and Joe - thanks much for getting me thru this one!"

Debra Jacks

Jacobs Technology - ITSS

AMCOM Command Group IT Support



" Joe, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Security+ exam with a score of 885 today!  (900 max score) I would also like to add that I really enjoyed your class and I hope to see you in future classes.  I think it would be great to have a week or so course where you could just teach.  I think that many people could benefit from your teachings.  I think you have an excellent teaching ability and let future classes know to just listen to what you are saying and they will be fine. Thanks again for all your help!"

Joe H. Gilliland

HAWK Repair and Return Manager

Jacobs Technology Contractor


Redstone Arsenal


"Joe:  you probably heard that all 26 of us in net+ passed the certificate test.  The methods you use to prepare us for the class were extremely helpful to me, I knew i could not survive the exam without all the practice. Now i enjoyed the class very much, the OSI model was taught and explain very well, i wish this lesson can extend the class one week longer to absorb more details.

 Again thanks for the help. " Gen Hsu, Net+


"Joe, Just want to let you know that I have taken both the 601 and the 602 test and passed both.

Sorry I haven't got to you sooner than now, but I have been studying the 602 material that you sent yesterday.  I just want to thank you for your quick turn around in putting out the 602 material I was having problems with, It really helped - not only me but the others that have taken the 2nd test as well.  I took the 602 test today and passed.  The material we covered  was excellent - right on the mark.  I took the 602 this afternoon and there were very few, maybe 10 questions, that I had to really stop and think about, so it was no problem passing this test. I just want to thank you very much for all of your help.  I know that you have been putting in allot of extra - above and beyond - time to assist us.  I have already put in a good word to our management about all of your hard work, knowledge, and dedication to see us through these Certification exams.

Again, thanks for all of your assistance and hanging in there with us."  Linn Eubanks, A+


"Joe was great. He told us how things worked then showed us how they work along with how they would be used in the real world. Would take any class he is a part of. The CertCertain staff was great. They were able to meet everyone's needs. The environment here is the best I've seen of any learning center." - John L., Security+

"Thanks Joe, I plan to send an e-mail to the boss in the morning to let him know how great the class has been, and the good service you have provided.  "

Gary W. Braden

Team ITSS Jacobs Technology

U.S. Army Aviation Missile Command

Redstone Arsenal, AL USA


"Joe was very personable and had excellent communication skills. He was very helpful both in terms of preparation for the exam and in answering any additional technical questions that came up that were not precisely related to the course." - Sean K., A+

"Joe,  just finished my exam and made 810 out of 900 - your class made the difference! Thanks for all your help over the weekend also.  Don't think I would have ever passed it without the extra steps you made for us .You are awesome - thanks much!!!"  Debra Jacks , Net+

"All I have to say are good things. Joe has some amazing patience for beginner students. Thanks for everything and we will be letting others know what a great training you offer at CertCertain." - Alicia R., Net+

"The instructor was phenomenal and I really felt like I learned a whole lot in 5 days. He made it make sense, and not only did I feel like I would pass the test, I can use what he taught in the real world." - Debbie B., Net+

"Joe was able to teach me more in 4 hours about IP subnetting than I learned in 2 semesters and 3 other instructors. I finally have a real grasp for it for the first time. I can't wait to get back to work and implement what I finally understand!" -  David L., Security+

"Nobody teaches IP like Joe. I heard at least 3 other students say they have never heard it explained like that before... but I finally get it. Now I can look at our firewall rules and truly understand what they are doing and more importantly what needs to be done to improve our network security" - Roger S., Network+

"Great staff, very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend CertCertain to any needing to not only get certified but needs to actually learn how to run a network the right way. The instructors are very knowledgeable, and the facility is top notch." - J.B., Certified Ethical Hacker

"I have received training from Joe for years and can honestly say that he's the best there is. His examples and real life experiences are keys to success." - Jeff A., Security+

"Enjoyed the class and the instructor. Knowledgeable, fun, had real world experience to share with the class from many different perspectives. The instructor was able to answer most questions immediately and confidently. The few questions for which he wanted to verify through research he followed through with an answer quickly." - Trina M., Security+

"The course was fantastic. Study material was perfect. I would not hesitate to return for any training/certification needs. The class manages to teach the concepts very well and prepare you for the exams. I have and will continue to recommend CertCertain to friends." - C.J., Net+

"When I looked at the book that came with the class I felt certain there was no way I would ever be able to learn the IP subneting, I have had it numerous times but was never able to understand it. Joe was able to not only explain so that I understood it but he did it in 4 hours and when I took the exam I was able to answer all the subnetting questions IN MY HEAD" - Rita H., Security+ 

"I just wanted to say that this has been one of the toughest and at the same time one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I can't begin to tell you guys how much you have made my experience here one of the best things ever. Joe is one of the most patient and helpful instructors I have ever experienced. Not only did he take the time to answer my questions, he backed up the answer with the reason it was the answer. If anyone I know is ever thinking of taking classes for certification preparation, CertCertain will be the first name out of my mouth." -  Jason S. Security+ 

"What a great class. The instructor is VERY knowledgable in the subject matter and made an otherwise dry course extremely entertaining. GREAT JOB!!" - Gary H. A+

"The instructor was very personable and made the class great. He helped to facilitate sharing with other class members better than any other class I have had. Thanks!" - Mike J. Security+

"Well, I have to say that you guys are great! You managed to take what I thought was an insurmountable task and break it down into something I could manage. Joe, you definitely have a knack for presenting the material in a "real world" way that makes it easy to understand. I learned more in these classes than in any other training I've attended." - Dianna M. Security+

"As always, Wade was excellent in his instruction. He has really made me aware of the dangers that are out there regarding the hacking community. Prior to this course and Wade's instruction, I only thought I knew what the hacking world was about." - Gary O., Certified Ethical Hacker

"Great place to learn! This was my first computer field career class and I feel like I understood months worth of on-the-job experience in 5 days." - Richard T., A+

"The instructor made the course fun and interesting. It was not intimidating, and I felt free to ask questions. I would gladly take another course from CertCertain, and would encourage others to take courses, too." - Suzanne G. Net+

"I always get so much out of training here. It is a very supportive environment for this type of training. My personal favorite - very workable, student-friendly atmosphere." - Nina H. Security+